News from In View

Please continue to support the St John's food bank if you can. The blue box in the foyer is always available and the need is always there.

Giving to the on-going work of the Church -  By using (and completing) our Gift Aid envelopes, the value of your contribution is increased by 25p for each £1 given (by taxpayers). Our Parish is dependent solely on the kind offerings of our congregation for its day to day running. If you would like to know details of how to give regularly, or if you are already giving and look to increase, then please speak to our Treasurer Nick O'Brien.

Electoral roll - In the event you change your email address could you pass your new details to Miranda O'Brien

Used stamps: If you have any used stamps, could you please put them into the box in the entrance area. Thank you.

Interviews: for the next vocar of Witley take place on the 15th/16th January. Please keep our neighbouring parish in your prayers.

Mothers Union: The next meeting is Wed January 24th at 2.30pm. The speaker is Karon Sewell with a theme of comping!

Free Hearing Aid Clinic - The next clinic will be at St John's Church Centre from 10am - 11.30am on Friday 26th January 2018.

Forward Notice - Jumble Sale Saturday 10th February.

Monday Club: For pre-school children. Every Monday at 2pm for songs and stories, toys and refreshments. This is a great opportunity for parents/carers to socialise while the children play.

Lent 2018: Ash Wednesday is on February 14th. There will be an 8pm service at St John's. The Lent course will start on Tuesday 20th Feb at 7.30pm at St John's and will run for four weeks. Lent Lunches will start on Thursday 22nd Feb at 12.30pm in the Church Hall.

Last updated 17th January 2018